Carver-Hill Museum

It is managed and operated by the Carver-Hill Memorial and Historical Society, Inc.  The brain child of founder, the late Mrs. Caroline Baker Allen.

Dr. George Washington Carver and Reverend Edward Hill

Carver-Hill School named in their honor!

The 18 Original Carver-Hill 

School Staff


The Annual Carver-Hill High School Alumni Fellowship Night

May Day Festival and Alumni Fellowship Night 

Carver-Hill School a Historic Landmark


The museum honors the Carver-Hill School.

The Carver-Hill School began in 1915 and was a segregated school for African-American children. The school was created by Julius Rosenwald, a philanthropist who set up well funded schools for segregated schools meant for African-American children. The school became known as the Carver School, after George Washington Carver, and then became the Carver-Hill School after the Reverend Edward Hill, who fought for well funded schools for African-American schoolchildren.

The school officially opened its doors as the Carver-Hill School in 1954 and serviced schoolchildren from kindergarten to high school. The school was able to educate black schoolchildren during a time when schools segregated for African-American schoolchildren were abysmal. It performed this task until Okaloosa County fully desegregated their schooling system in the 1968-1969 school year.

The city honors the history and mission of this school with the conversion of the school into the Carver-Hill Museum. The museum documents the history of this school with several exhibits and memorial dedications. Interestingly, many of the former students of this school usually volunteer at the museum. Many of them can help give narratives of the times they lived in and how the school helped the community.

The Carver-Hill Museum is also a site for many community events for the City of Crestview Florida. The Carver-Hill May Day Festival and Museum Day is a great memorial event for the museum. Families can compete in amateur sports competitions or just relax and enjoy the food and drink provided. Besides museum tours, the event has a large community parade through the area. It is a celebratory and reflective day for this great institution in Crestview.

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